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Safe Foods

America’s farmers and ranchers produce the safest
and most affordable food in the world, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and
well-being for animals.

Farmers are the first link in the chain for food quality and safety. The measures taken to safeguard agricultural products at the farm - the very source - maintains the integrity of the nation's food supply. You see, American farmers not only feed themselves, but the world.

In January of 2010, U.S. farmers exported commodities worth $9,731,325,060 according to the USDA Economic Research Service. That’s nearly $10 TRILLION in trade!

"Our animals aren’t just our livelihood. They’re our partners."

Farmers across Mississippi know that the food that they produce must be more than delicious and affordable. It must be safe and nutritious. Livestock farmers raise the animals that provide the beef, pork, lamb, poultry, milk and eggs we eat. These farmers know that one of the keys to producing safe, nutritious food is to be sure the animals they are raising are cared for properly with proper housing, food and medical care.

On row crops, farmers are cautious to minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides except when it's absolutely necessary, and are always mindful to be certain that pesticide runoff won’t end up in our precious water supplies.

It is farmers that do all of this to provide you with the safest, most abundant and most affordable supply of food in the world... A point to consider during your next visit to your local grocery store.


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